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islam yg telah berkembang.. .laksana bunga yg indah...yg berkembang mekar harum mewangi...

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Subject: [FAMSY- AustraliaMuslims] Over 14000 Brits have converted to Islam
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Assalaam’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Authentic research has shown that over 14000 Brits have converted to Islam after having lost hope in the style of life the West is offering.

‘Amongst the converts there exists many famous personalities which is a great booster for the Muslims who have become a prey to accusations of terrorism and are living in fear’ in the words of Muslim leaders.

The Muslim Council has appointed the former health minister’s son Ahmed Dobson as chairman of their new committee which is striving to explain the reality of Islam to the whites living in the United Kingdom.

Yahya Brit t (Jonathan Britt) the former BBC director has researched thoroughly the data of Christians converting to Islam and concluded that the total number of new Muslims in Britain was 14200. In his statement of conversion to Islam last week, Britt stressed the point that Britain also needed a leader to bring whites more easily into Islam, just as Malcom X had done for the blacks of America and to make Islam a more national religion rather than the strange one it is at present. Furthermore, he explained how Islam’s balanced system, strong beliefs and spirituality gave him that hearts contentment.

Herbet Scott’s great grand daughter, Emma Clark has also accepted Islam as a way of life, a former designer for the gardens of the Prince of Wales is now involved in designing a mosque’s garden. She stated to the press a few days ago that ‘I accepted Islam after detesting the doubt standards of Western values and to lee from the filth that surrounds it. Her great grandfather who was the prime minister of Britain in 1908-1916 led his people to the lines of victory in the First World War.

Most new converts have been greatly influenced by Charles Easton’s book, ‘Islam and the Destiny of Man’. He states that I’ve received thousands of letters informing me that we have lost hope in today’s Christianity which is following the whims and desires of people and are searching for such a religion which does=2 0not have this.

The earl of Yarbrough who is the owner of over 28000acres of land in Lincolnshire told the press, ‘I have changed my name to Abdul Mateen and would only like to say that ‘Study Islam and you shall see its beauty’.

Her Majesty has given full permission for Muslim staff working in Buckingham Palace to take time off to perform their Friday prayers.

The above were examples of people who were directly connected to the kingdom, whose grandparents were the bearers of knighthoods and lordships, who used to sit in the houses of Parliament, wealthy people, from a nation who has never been ruled. But what happened to these people’s progeny? There was no slavery or force on them to make them accept Islam; ‘it was solely the unexplainable hearts contentment we found which compelled us.’

After all this I see not the reasons of my shyness, my regret, my inferiority complex that is stopping me from even performing my Jumu’ah Salaat amidst my colleagues at work only because of the fear of what will people say and that my business may lose important profits, yet the kingdom headquarters, Buckingham Palace, has such facilities…

[ extracted from the monthly ‘Al-Furqan’. Written by Nicholas Hellan, Christopher Morgan and Maqbool Jaan ]